Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many disputes are best resolved outside of the courtroom.  Seitz Ross attorneys frequently mediate and arbitrate cases on behalf of clients, including mediations conducted by members of the Delaware Court of Chancery.

First established in 2003, the Court of Chancery’s voluntary mediation program affords parties the opportunity to have a sitting member of the Court preside over most commercial disputes, including business disputes where the amount in controversy exceeds one million dollars.  This program is available to parties in both ongoing cases and where there is no pre-existing action. 

The Court of Chancery implemented companion arbitration procedures in January 2010, allowing for the expedited resolution of business disputes as well.  Both programs offer clients the ability to couple the flexibility, efficiency and confidentiality of alternative dispute resolution procedures with the expertise, judgment and sophistication of the Court.  Links to more information on these programs are below.

Court of Chancery Mediation Program

Court of Chancery Arbitration Program